A Whimsical Journey Through Postwar America



Cold War Kid Book Cover






by Tom Hanley

One would hope that a memoir spanning from World War II to present would be a sweeping saga of war, passion, loss, redemption, and hope.

One would be mistaken.

It’s a story about being raised among the men and machines of the Air Force, growing up Catholic, living in a Texas lighthouse, crashing the occasional airplane, then following the call of the surf to Hawaii.

Take a whimsical journey through postwar America–from black-and-white TVs to nuns shooting invisible atomic energy rays from their eyes. From sleek jets and cars with big fins to our current upside-down culture.




About The Author

author Tom Hanley surfing Hawaii

The author is an artist, writer, surfer, and a regular guy. He’s a Leo, but not one of those, you know, loud and pushy ones. He also wrote Flyboys. Tom lives in Hawaii with his wife and Dodger, the Circus Dog.


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Gunfight with Bomber

‘Cold War Kid’ cuts through dry history to serve up a whimsical look at post-war America. From growing up as a military brat on Air Force Bases to becoming a sixty-something surfer in Hawaii, Tom Hanley pulls no punches when recounting his life experiences in a way that will leave readers with plenty to laugh about.


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